Camella Terrassa - AMENITIES

Thanks to its peri urban location, Camella Terrassa has one of the vast common outdoor areas. These places give you the liberty to walk around and interact with nature. As a matter of fact, right from your balcony you can be able to view the impressive land and mountainscapes around this community. The outdoor common areas are also appropriate for jogging as you promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Within the community, there is also a swimming pool to cater for the recreational needs of dwellers here. The swimming pool is manned by a trained attendant who oversees all the activities including the cleaning at the pool. If your kids would love to swim or learn how to swim, this is a unique opportunity for them. Because the pool has both the shallow end for kids and the deeper end for adults, you can swim with your family as you enjoy and relax in the sunny weather. 

Another plus for an active lifestyle is the basketball court and kids play area. The court is well designed and every feature standardized so as to reflect the normal basketball court. Living an active lifestyle is highly recommended especially in today’s environment where most of our activities forces us to live sedentary lives. The court is open 24/7 which means you can play after work and during weekends. The play area is targeted at children to give them the space they need to run around, make new friends, and simply stretch their limits. 

If you have any meetings coming up or gathering of some sort, you can make use of the multipurpose hall that is well built and strategically located for privacy and ease of access. This is particularly important for community meetings or any clubs and associations you may join or run in Camella Terrassa. 

When it comes to utilities including power and water, Vista Land ensured that they are catered for. The water supply system here ensures the community members of adequate supply of clean fresh water. Thanks to the green initiatives and concepts the developer incorporates into each of their developments, water harvesting happens right here. Enough water is stored during the monsoon and this serves the community for a long period of time before getting back to the tap water. The power is also reliable as the area is served via a power station. Cases of outages have been significantly minimized thanks to government intervention in putting in place proper electricity distribution systems. 

The drainage in such a large community needs to be well organized and channeled to prevent spills and bursts. Having designed and constructed multipurpose homes for more than 40 years, Vista Land know better. They have put in place an elaborate system that doesn’t come into contact at any point with the water supply system. This means that never will you hear cases of contamination here. Excess surface runoff is harvested and stored in underground tanks. Whatever is left is carefully channeled through the drainage and waste water system. 

Security is also well organized. Right from the entrance, there is a well-guarded post. People have to identify themselves before getting here. This ensures that visitors with malicious intents and unauthorized persons do not get access. This is very important for the security of your family. There are also patrols during the day and at night within the compound for an added layer of security.

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